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Great Experiences That Get Results.

At Game Changer, our services are designed to help your business move from playing the game, to winning the game! Our hybrid live+digital approach enables you to enjoy sustainable marketing that goes beyond the one day event.

Event Design, Planning
& Management.

If you need a professional team to design, plan or manage your event then you’re in the right place! We have decades of experience in putting together corporate events, product/business launches, staff team building, conferences and exhibitions!

And, we’re happy to handle the whole process from start to finish – including concept creation, event planning, and event management.

Whether we’re dreaming up a unique aesthetic style for an event, or focusing in on all those tricky event logistics, we really can take care of every detail needed to make things run smoothly on your big day!

Experiential Marketing
& Brand Activation.

Fact: Customers are bored with seeing the same old marketing strategies over, and over, and over again! They want something new, fresh, and exciting! So, stop and ask yourself – which would make the biggest impact on you… Words on a page? An image on a screen? Or an exciting real-life experience?

Experiential marketing and brand activation is all about creating a real experience that encourages your customers to interact with your brand! Get it right, and that experience will define your business image, attract new customers, and stay in those customers’ hearts forever!

We are professionals with the skill to create game changing experiences that will unlock a whole new level of success for your business!


Need help getting the branding right for an event or experiential marketing campaign?

We’ve got you covered! Effective branding is the perfect way to express your business’ message in a way that boosts customer engagement – and stays in the mind long enough to build customer loyalty!

We have a proven track record of applying original branding ideas to items like cakes, keepsakes, brand ambassadors’ uniforms, and much, much more! With our experience, we can help your business to rock a whole new image!

Digital Engagement.

Brands have direct digital access to consumers but a lot of “digital relationships” are proving to be superficial and distant. Events allow brands to be human – to show a personal side that they can’t convey in our increasingly digitized world.

Events and Activations get brands to unite consumers, develop bonds and truly connect through live face-to-face engagement.

Our experience has shown us that live events and activations play a big role by complementing digital and mass media channels through meaningful and personal experiences and stories.

We use the power of more personal, physical experiences to build content and leads for digital. This is what sustainable game changer marketing is all about.

Roadshows & Sales Drives.

Want to take your business out on the road and attract new business from customers all across East Africa?

We can help! Our experts have put on roadshows right across the region that have helped other businesses build their brand recognition, boost consumer engagement, and launch their sales to the next level!

With a range of vehicles to choose from, and unbeatable industry experience, we create roadshows that engage, delight, and sell – wherever we go!

Conference Management.

Whether you’re holding a conference for your staff, stakeholders, investors, or potential clients, your aims are the same… Creating an event that projects a professional image for your business, and is remembered for all the right reasons!

We make that possible by ensuring that every attendee is offered first-class service and made to feel valued, while creating an ambience that’s pitch-perfect for your company’s image!

How can we be so confident that we’ll get it right? Simple – our team includes highly experienced conference managers, who’ve put together effective conferences for businesses large and small, in almost every sector, niche, or industry you could ever imagine!

We also have a warehouse full of High Tech Audio Visual Equipment and employ German-Trained technicians to provide flawless technical support for events.