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In the live events arena there are no second chances. Oversights will cause bumps, and bumps have a habit of sparking disaster. The best way to learn the trade is on the job and experience paves the way to flawless event planning, event management, and delivery of world-class events and activations. We have over 100 years of collective experience.


Game Changer Marketing creativity is at the heart of all we do. We continually push ourselves, our vendors, and yes, sometimes our clients, to create new experiences for our audiences. From a pop-up dinner for 1,000 to amenities that spark your curiosity, our team loves a new challenge! Innovative design and décor set the stage for each of our programs and we source from our own back yard to world class designers to design something custom just for you. Our creative team not only pushes us to dream, but is tenacious in their work to stay on budget, elevate quality and breathe brand standards.


With a sterling track record, GAME CHANGER MARKETING is an event company which has perfected both the science and art of event management, brand activation and experiential marketing. It is our experience, expertise and creativity which set us apart.

Making Memorable Experiences

Our commitment to exploring uncharted waters, finding new tools and learning new ways, gives us the edge. Our unique background and diverse experience sets us apart. Eccentric, unconventional, passionate, professional, committed, we enjoy our blue sky mindset and uncompromising quest for big ideas. We add pizzazz and panache, intrigue and excitement, and when the action kicks in, we get our rush seeing the unforgettable experiences we create – and the difference we make.

The Only Thing More Powerful Than A Big Idea Is The Team That Can See It Through.


Game Changer Marketing creates campaigns that bring brands to life and compel consumers to act.

We are specialists in brand activation – the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences.

We create opportunities for integrated brand experiences through clever use of the marketing strategies in our brand activation armory, including promotions, experiential, events, b2b, creative design and point of sale, digital, shopper and loyalty campaigns.

When you put your brand in our hands, we work with you to put it in the hands, hearts and minds of your consumers.

Our rules of engagement are simple. We devise and deliver one-on-one experiences that drive consumers to act – and interact – with your brand to deliver measurable results, foster long-term emotional connections and elevate your brand above the clutter.

Putting an event or activation together is both science and art. A science because of the meticulous attention to detail required. An art to play puppet master to the multitude of elements, which when done right, create the magic which defines a world class marketing.


Everyone loves a great show, and Game Changer Marketing knows how to create it and rock it! We don’t just focus on the delivery – we can help refine your message. We work from design to content to delivery to make your brand come alive. From a pop-up breakout session to headline entertainment, we make every show come alive.

Big or small our production team has the gear and the people to make it happen. Production runs through every division at Game Changer Marketing and we work together with our logistics and creative teams to deliver the right message with the right gear, right on budget!

The content generated out of our activities goes into the client’s social media sites for amplification.


Game Changer Marketing works hand in hand with our clients to create custom events that tell a story. Your story. We build each event from the ground up. Our experience gives us the know-how and flexibility to execute your vision and our tenacity ensures not only a quality outcome, but also a creative success.

We have only the best resources on our team to meet your needs in all aspects of your event; from sourcing and registration to onsite execution and budget reconciliation our logistics team will give you the peace of mind every meeting planner is looking for.

We build an a la carte package that fits your needs for each event. Just need that big idea for your new product consumer activations? We’ve got it. Did you just get a pop-up stakeholders meeting in 10 days and need full service support? Watch us create something spectacular!


Experiential works. It let’s brands show people not just what they are—but who they are. Because when people can see your brand’s human side, they connect with it more deeply. Game Changer Marketing dreams up experiences designed to do just that. We create brand experiences that work, taking brands from passive presence to active engagement, brand loyalty and advocacy.

We conceive and create all kinds of brand experiences for all kinds of audiences. What we really do is find strategically smart ways to help brands interact with their audiences across different media platforms. Though most of our work is done in physical spaces, our solutions can include everything from traditional advertising to social media content creation.

Our brand of sensorial marketing works best when engaging as many senses as possible.Scent and Sound added to the visual become very powerful. But the best sense of all is the 6th sense: emotion.

We work with some of Kenya’s most famous brands. We’ve created all types of events and conferences, invented event environments, conducted retail promotional campaigns, youth mentorship programs and sports tours.