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Game Changer Marketing is an award winning experiential marketing agency based in Nairobi. We have a full team of creatives, account managers, project managers and dedicated support to deliver your marketing campaign with the care and passion it deserves.

We’ve made it our mission to deliver so much more effectiveness with each campaign than you’d experience with anyone else.

We’re a multi award-winning experiential marketing agency across a number of categories including;

  • Most effective experiential campaign,
  • Best product launch
  • And best innovation in an experiential campaign.

We are proud of our reputation as the ‘go-to’ people for Experiential Excellence. Our passion is always on show, we are fun to work with and reliability is the hallmark of our business.

We purpose to make the marketing world an investment rather than an expense for our corporate clients.

We create the sort of delightful brand experiences that attract the attention of consumers, and converting triers into buyers and believers.

As Game Changers, we’re obsessed with helping companies nurture their relationships with the people that matter the most to their business, creating long term brand loyalty and advocacy.

“People always remember how you make them feel..”

~ Maya Angelou

The Game Changer Marketing difference

Every few seconds a big idea is born. And a few seconds later it disappears. Yet every now and again, somebody makes one of those big ideas happen. What’s their secret? They get help. They get more somebodies. And those somebodies add more ideas to the big idea. Before you know it, that big idea is a great big reality.

Game Changer Marketing is a nurturing hub for big ideas and the people who have them. We create teams with our clients and partners that keep your business in a perpetual state of winning the game.