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Explore our work and discover more about the wealth of brilliant brand experiences we have activated.
Game Changer Marketing brings your brand to life in the following ways:

Brand strategy, logo design & branding

When we create your brand strategy, we explain and discuss all of the pertinent components with you within the context of your specific business scenario and needs (Intelligence; Architecture; Foundation; Positioning; Market segmentation; Messaging and orientation)

Through a series of workshops with the key decision makers within your organisation, we guide you through the process of creating a marketing road map that defines your intended brand and fosters a united branding front across all business functions and throughout the organisation as a whole.

To maximise branding consistency and recognition, and therefore strengthen the brand, your brand strategy document becomes the reference point for every branding initiative. Your brand strategy will be used to inform our development of your themed brand identity and all the expressions of your brand –signage, brochures, advertising, expo stands etc – we create for you.

Public relations & media liaison

We have demonstrable capability in stakeholder management and will use our talents for consistent relationship building and media engagement to turn Brands into a well respected house-hold names.

Conferencing including regional assignments

Game Changer Marketing has the capability to host flawless conferences any where in East Africa, from 10-man board meetings to over 2000-strong delegations. Our Technical side is as strong and as efficient as our event management department and this allows us to work with you flawlessly. Attention to detail and high technical capability is our forte.  We manage all aspects of conferencing. This includes budgeting, procurement, registration, set-up, all day off site meals, technical engineering, content creation, Hospitality, Gala Dinner, Entertainment & Award Ceremonies

All types of events & event hospitality

Game Changer Marketing has a reputation for creating, planning, and executing the finest events in the area. We offer our expertise for all types of celebrations from launches and corporate events, to fundraisers and private parties. We strongly believe that combining a carefully styled aesthetic with meticulous planning is the key to a celebration you and your guests will never forget.

Experiential marketing & activations

We are specialists in brand activation – the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences.

Today’s demanding consumers expect even their most beloved, favorite brands to step up their game. Brands that succeed attest that consumers expect, and get really excited about, experiences that are unusual, fun, thought-provoking and emotionally engaging. With the power and immediacy of social media, surprise and delight events have now turned into truly powerful promotional tools.

Creative design

If a brand is unable to register an image, product or service in the public’s mind with impact, it has little hope of being relevant. Traditional methods of creating visual impact and effective recall are no longer enough. Today’s consumers demand much more. It takes much more to register under their radar. Imaginative and impactful marketing is now more than ever a core function of a successful business.

Game Changer Marketing taps into our widespread creative proprietary tools and our global creative community to offer brands exceptional ideas and execution.

Design and production of event environments, sets, props, branded premiums & pos materials

Branding an event or activation can be unusual, interactive but must be memorable; branding can be applied to any number of elements in an event or activation- from cakes, projector screens, quirky keepsakes, unusual wall branding, to themed brand ambassador uniforms, table talkers and even miniature food flags – clever branding will change the way consumers experience the brand.

Social marketing for behaviour change

We undertake Strategic Concept Development, creation of the Activation Strategy and A mix of Live Roadshow and Digital amplification with a camera crew partnering with the on-ground team for amplification of the on-ground message. Our tools help us progress the audience from contemplation to behaviour change in five steps.

Shopper marketing

Effective shopper marketing is about seizing the moment. Game Changer Marketing studies how shoppers engage, interact and purchase brands and help you act on it in multiple ways.


Great staffing has the ability to change people’s brand opinions, create brand advocates and drive sales. We start there.



These are very effective for product education and driving uptake. Can be scaled up to hundreds of thousands of households/businesses or niches based on target area. Supports local traders, allows for sampling and builds relationships.



We have demonstrable capability in holding roadshows across Kenya. We have an array of vehicles to choose from. Roadshows offer an opportunity to engage masses with interactive content that ensures the message is memorable. It must be carefully thought through to consolidate brand-relevant gaming & activities and issue relevant incentives that land the key message.

We like to drive a collaborative activation & sales program for outstanding results.




Big or small, every event must be a brand experience that is immersive and enjoyable


We have proven capability to create pop up sales zones that have all the flair and branded cues of a brand shop.


Leading brands use product sampling to gain new and past customers. Mass sampling can grow your business and brand with 5 times longer imp